• Zoological Theme Park Signage Design
    Orlando, FL
  • Anteater Exhibit Design
    Orlando, FL
  • Cheetah Containment Design
    Orlando, FL
  • Otter Exhibit Redesign
    Orlando, FL
  • Rhino Containment Redesign
    Orlando, FL
  • Savannah Grasslands Redesign
    Orlando, FL
  • Animal Themed Musical Queue Expansion
    Orlando, FL


Perry Becker Design specializes in creating “Experience” at every scale.  For over 25 years our team of thematic designers, landscape architects, graphic artists and construction managers have strived to create unique and memorable places for people and animals alike. Most importantly, we never lose sight that we are designing living environments that must protect and provide shelter to a wide array of very special inhabitants, all the while encouraging interaction and learning. Our experience has provided us the opportunity to work around the world for both public and private sector clients alike. The Perry Becker team brings passion, vision and innovative design solutions.

  • Loxahatchee Game Refuge Interpretive Center
    Loxahatchee, FL
  • Gaylord Palms Resort Gardens
    San Antonio, TX
  • Lion Country Safari Expansions
    Palm Beach, FL



Without question, our commitment is first and foremost to client satisfaction, and that can only be achieved through our client’s success.


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