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Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Jay Cashman



PBD was commissioned by Jay Cashman Associates, working in conjunction with both private developers and the Jamaican Port Authority to develop a master plan for the port of Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The scope of this master plan was to analyze how to combine both public and private llands to create a new and vibrant waterfront that allowed for both the use by cruise passengers as well as the general public.  PBD successfully developed a master plan that created a connected waterfront that enabled the port to double its current ship capacity, provided an organized, secure, and aesthetic pedestrian experience for cruise passengers to disembark, and created a vibrant waterfront shopping village that allowed for both public and private cruise passenger access.


  • Master Planning
  • Conceptual Architectural Design
  • Conceptual Landscape Architectural Design
  • Conceptual Signage Design
  • Transportation Analysis/Planning

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