We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.




Perry-Becker Design is a Planning, Landscape Architecture and Thematic Design firm that specializes in community planning, hospitality and resort planning, themed entertainment design and construction management.  Our firm's focus is on building personal relationships with our clients where we are seen as a trusted partner and advisor in the design and development of each project. Our firm is committed to delivering highly creative and sustainable design solutions that balance our client's financial needs and expectations while at the same time creating truly unique and memorable environments.  We take great pride in the professional quality of our work, and our ability to provide the most technologically advanced design solutions.

Without question, our commitment is first and foremost to client satisfaction, and that can only be achieved through our client's success.


    Perry-Becker Design is managed under the philosophy that the best design is a manifestation of our clients' vision that we merely help evolve and implement.  Our focus is to develop the very best "legacy design" project for each client and location.


    We do not see our success measured in only one project, but in our ability to maintain a trusted client relationship in which we are called upon to develop multiple projects that develop the unique character, company or community brand, and establish the project as a "legacy" project.  This legacy design approach is rooted in our desire to offer something bigger than simply a rubberstamped model.  Our approach seeks to provide design solutions that provide our clients value, net strong financial return, seek responsible environmental solutions, and serve to provide both aesthetic and economic benefit to the communities in which we design.


    In order to fulfill our commitment, it was the decision by both Mr. Perry and Mr. Becker that they will always remain actual working design principals engaged in every project as opposed to merely administrative figureheads.  This is a commitment that we do not take lightly, and one that we know that our clients expect.

  • + MR. PERRY

    Mr. Perry has an extensive professional career in hospitality/resort planning, community planning and themed entertainment design.  Mr. Perry has served as the Design Director for some of the most prestigious design firms in Orlando since 1994.  With over 25 years of experience, he has designed projects throughout the world with specific emphasis in the Caribbean, Latin America and the US. For the majority of his career he has led both multi-disciplinary design teams as well as in-house teams of planners, landscape architects, graphic artists and construction managers.  His specific passions are in eco-tourism design, tourism planning and programming and site specific landscape architectural design and construction.  Mr. Perry regularly serves as the design and construction project manager for the most complex projects to ensure the design solutions are seamless and fully developed.

  • + MR. BECKER

    Mr. Becker started his career as an Imagineer for Walt Disney World, and worked for Disney for over 14 years leading both design and construction management of a wide variety of projects such as Animal Kingdom, Disney's Fantasyland redevelopment, multiple MGM themed venue expansions, Disney Westside, multiple Disney hotel and waterfront development expansions, and multiple public venue area designs.  His experience has been solely developed around creating "experience" for the user.  After leaving Disney in 2002, Mr. Becker joined the firm of Canin Associates where he managed such notable projects as the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott at the Grande Lakes resort here in Orlando.  In 2002 Mr. Becker joined Mr. Perry as a senior landscape architectural project manager.  They have worked together ever since on numerous hospitality, resort, themed entertainment and public sector urban design projects throughout Florida and the Caribbean.


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Without question, our commitment is first and foremost to client satisfaction, and that can only be achieved through our client’s success.

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